Folding simulated proteins in 2-dimensions: jsProtenInvestigator

Type your protein sequence into the "Amino Acid Sequence" box and click "FOLD".

If you're using a computer that isn't very fast, you may experience trouble when trying fold long protein chains. If your browser asks you if you want to wait for it to complete folding or kill the page, select "wait". It should only take a few seconds after that. If you find it hanging for more than a minute, you may need to try a different browser (we suggest Chrome) or using a faster computer.

Alternatively, you can download a stand-alone version of the Protein Investigator. It is much faster and easier to use. You can download it from this link. You will need to have java installed and enabled on your computer; java is freely available for Mac and for Windows.

For the time being, we will ignore the "Target Shape" box.