Bio 112
On-Line Lab Manual

Lab Resources for Lab Plug-ins needed Other relevant resources
Lab 01: Harvard Museum of Natural History None None
Lab 02: Skulls and Evolution None None
Lab 03: Molecular Phylogeny    
Lab 04: Aipotu IV None
Lab 05: Plankton None Key to the Phytoplankton of Boston Harbor
Key to the Zooplankton of Boston Harbor
Lab 06: Plant Diversity I, II, & III None
  • Plant Biology Sites
    • A very useful botany site with details on plant groups and flower anatomy.
    • Botany related web  sites.
    • Information about  c-ferns
    • A collection of pictures of vascular plants.
Lab 07: Animal Diversity I, & II Video of Squid Dissection None
Lab 08: Animal Behavior None None
Lab 09: Phylogenetic Collection None Useful sites for the Phylogeny Collection Project