Updated 8-June-2023
  1. Click members of the pedigree and an Edit menu will pop up that allows you to:
  2. The Edit menu allows un-doing and re-doing changes.
  3. Click "solve" to solve the pedigree (note that this can take a long time if the pedigree is large).
    1. The solution will appear in the box below the "solve" button.
    2. The solution will list the 4 possible modes of inheritance
      • If the mode is possible, it will list genotypes for each individual that are consistent with the pedigree and the mode. Symbols can be found in the tables below.
      • If the mode is not possible, it will say "Not possible".

Autosomal Recessive
A ANormal
A aNormal
a aAffected
Autosomal Dominant
B BAffected
B bAffected
b bNormal
Sex-linked Recessive
XD XDNormal Female
XD XdNormal Female
Xd XdAffected Female
XD YNormal Male
Xd YAffected Male
Sex-linked Dominant
XE XEAffected Female
XE XeAffected Female
Xe XeNormal Female
XE YAffected Male
Xe YNormal Male

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