Calculate Approximate logP

If the jlogp applet does not work, you may need to download the latest version of java (jre).

You have to enable Java and JavaScript on your machine !

  1. Draw your molecule
    • Draw the skeleton of the molecule by using the horizontal line button - it can be found directly below the "CLR" button - this adds C atoms.
      • Alternatively, you can use the ring buttons.
      • Any carbon atom you add can be changed to any other atom later.
    • To change a C to another atom, click on the element's symbol in the left column, then click on the atom you want to change.
    • To change a bond from double to single (and vice-versa), click on the horizontal line and then click on the bond you want to change.
    • To delete an atom, click the "DEL" button and then click on the atom you want to delete.
    • To undo a mistake, click the "UDO" button.
    • To change the charge on an atom, click the "+/-" button and click the atom whose charge you want to change.
    • To clear your molecule and start over, click the "CLR" button.
  2. When you are ready, click the "Calculate logP and formula" button to have jlogP calculate the logp value and formula of your molecule.
    • After you have submitted your molecule, you will still be able to edit it.
    • Note that you must hit the "Calculate" button to update the calculations if you change your molecule.
  3. Your results will appear in a box below the panel where you drew the structure.
IMPORTANT NOTE: these values are intended for teaching purposes only.

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