Gene Explorer Warm-up

  1. Try to build a gene that expresses a protein of exactly 5 amino acids. Here's one way to do it:
    1. Remember that, to ADD bases to the DNA, you need to type upper-case A, G, C, or T.
    2. Start by making a gene that just makes a little mRNA. What sequences do you need?
    3. Then edit the sequence in the main viewer to add protein capability. What sequences do you need to add?
  2. Note that you do not have to be successful for full credit; you just have to clearly have given it a real effort.
  3. To show that you have given it a try, once you have tried, do the following:
    1. Click the "Evaluate Answer" button. A little window will pop up to tell you if you've got it right. You don't have to get it right to get credit, but you do have to edit the DNA sequence.
    2. Click "OK" to close the window.
    3. Select the text in the box to the right of "State Info". Be sure to select it all using the control-A (Windows) or command-A (Mac) key.
    4. Copy that text and paste it into the blank in the SPOC page

State Info: